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KMC Long bed moving column VMC

Rigidity, Powerful, Accuracy, Fixed table

Rigidity, Powerful, Accuracy, Fixed table

The moving-Column machining centers of the Profimach KMC series are suitable for processing very long parts and can also be used as a multi-stations Center or reciprocal operation center with shorter workpieces. The always fully supported table is designed for extremely heavy workpieces, the Profimach KMC series offers worktable lengths of 4, 5 and 6 meters, Allows users to select an application. Other than flexible selection of work table length, the machines can also be equipped with multiple work stations and 4th or 5th axis to enhance production efficiency, making them ideal for producing long Workpieces and large parts such as aluminum bars, rails, construction equipment, and aerospace components and so on.


Outstanding Equipment features:

  • Fixed table/travelling column design
  • Highly rigid and dynamic structure equipped with heavy load linear guideways provide precision accuracy
  • Powerful 7.5/11kW, BT40/8000 rpm spindle
  • 24-pochet Arm type ATC
  • X-Axis is drive by Rack Gearbox
  • Y-Z axes are drive by Ballscrews
  • Marveling operator pendant
  • Hand pendant with MPG and controls

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