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Pressmach's separated coil handling and press feeding equipment provides a modular approach to increase production capabilities and streamline your operation. Our systems provide the speed, quality and precision to exceed your most demanding stamping 

Press Automation

Coil Handling and Feeding

We offer a wide variety of coil handling, feeding, and cut to length equipment to uncoil, straighten, feed, and shear metal coiled material. Our coil processing equipment solutions include: air feeds, servo roll feeds, stock straighteners, single and double end coil reels, coil cars, coil cradles, pallet decoilers, complete coil lines, space saver coil lines, and cut to length lines.

Whether you need a simple low-cost die/press mounted air feed or a complete coil handling and feeding line our Application Engineers can provide personal assistance to help you select and implement the best equipment for the job.

Proper coil handling and feeding equipment provides added flexibility to your coil processing capabilities, reduces setup time, improves quality, reduces scrap, and minimizes floor space requirements.

Our coil handling and feeding equipment is accurate, repeatable, and reliable. We have equipment to handle material widths from 20mm to 3000mm and thicknesses from 0.2 mm to 20 mm Feed lengths of fractions of mm to continuous feed or longer can be managed at high accuracy and high stroke speeds. Features are available to accommodate short or long run times with quick and easy setup.

If your tool change frequency has increased and your need for quick, accurate, repeatable coil feeding has become more important we can offer servo feed replacements for worn or unreliable air feeds, hitch feeds, or crank driven roll feeds. A new servo feed will allow you to change feed lengths in seconds, feed with accuracies of ± 0,01 mm, eliminate die breakage due to misfeeds, and feed material at faster press speeds.

Feeding and coil handling equipment can be integrated with new or existing press automation controls of most major brands.

We offer coil feeding advices to maximize your pressroom productivity. Just specify coil weight, coil ID/OD min/max, thickness, min/max width, and max feed length and speed, and our Application Engineers will take care of the rest.





Coil feeding equiment - Feeders, decoilers, uncoilers, straighteners

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