Robotturn reduces direct labour costs

We are daily faced with dramatically increasing labour cost. To compete with countries with labour rates far under ours and with companies non-respecting working times, we must always be looking for ways to do the job better, faster and with fewer labour hours for each part produced and this with less people. The cost of having a person handle many operations is more expensive than a robot, even with the higher initial expense of this technology investment. Automation lowers labour costs dramatically, as the average labour costs are 5 to 8 times higher than the average depreciation cost per hour of the robot. With our Robotturn, one person can operate more than one lathe at the same time, improving the utilization rate of your machines and reducing the direct labour cost per produced item. Rather automate than expand the staff.

Robotturn reduces production costs

Today, most manufacturing operations are automated, but in many businesses turning machines still, wait for an operator to unload one part and load the next. Over an eight-hour shift fatigue sets in and output suffers with a worker, but our Robotturn does the job exactly the same way every cycle. Time spent on unloading and loading is lost production time. Our Robotturn © minimizes this losses by quickly swapping out one part for the next If you’re not using robots to load and unload production machines, you’re losing capacity and missing an opportunity to cut costs. Our Robotturn® can be programmed to operate 24/7 in lights-out, airco-off and heating-off situations for continuous production. Machine is never stopped for lunch or cigaret.  Energy is used optimally. No lost time! No lost money. Production costs also decrease drastically because the labor costs of an operator are much higher than the depreciation costs of our Robotturn.

Robotturn increases productivity and throughput

Brief stoppages are inevitable with manual loading and unloading. Operators are interrupted, have other duties and need the occasional break and get tired and go slower later in the day— all of which result in machines standing idle. Robotic tending allows the Robotturn® to run 24/7 through breaks and shift changes. You realize extra output because the actual spindle hours no longer exclusively depend on the regular working hours.  As a result, capacity increases, allowing the business to take on more work. Our Robotturn increases also speed for the turning process, in part by eliminating interruptions and in another part by being faster than humans.  Also within regular working hours, you realize more output. Lean manufacturing is crucial for increasing efficiency. Our Robotturn® has the ability to work at a constant speed without pausing for breaks, sleep, or vacations, never makes mistakes and ultimately has the potential to produce more in a shorter time than any human worker.

Robotturn solves your Lack of staff

As today, in Europe, good skilled machine operators are extremely difficult to find, it is a real challenge for many manufacturers to bring them in and keep them. The influx of skilled craftsmen is not meeting the needs of machining companies, and this forces companies to look for alternatives. Adding to that problem the fact that your skilled employees are spending their valuable time handling material, loading and unloading parts and completing other low-level tasks, which is certainly not the optimal use of their talents. By automating some lower-skill-level procedures, you will be able to improve throughput and use your employees to their fullest potential.


With Robotturn NO need for robot specialists

With our Robotturn® CNC machines has not only become more affordable but also more user-friendly. It is no longer necessary to employ your own robot specialists. With our latest generation of loading robots, it only takes a couple of minutes to configure the robot for a new series. Your operators with no robot programming experience will be able to set up and operate our robots very quickly with the support of our intuitive graphical interface. Simply move the robot arm to desired waypoints and touch input. Loading robots can be configured quickly and easily and can be used for a wide variety of workpieces. It is no longer necessary to wait for a long-term contract to justify investing in a CNC loading robot. In the past, companies waited for a long-term contract which guaranteed that the investment in CNC automation would be cost-effective. Our Robotturn is flexible and can be easily reprogrammed and need minimal hard tooling. That means, there’s little setup, making our Robotturn also practical for low-volume orders.

Robotturn is affordable

An increasing number of companies are doing the sums: which investment must be made and what is the return? Do the same and check our prices. Highest ROI in the market. Pay back your investment within ONE year.

Better quality and consistency with Robotturn

Once our Robotturn® has been correctly programmed, he is predictable and precise, resulting in high quality without much variation. Every action is performed with high precision and high repeatability. It ensures the product is manufactured with the same specifications and in the same time frame.  Repairs are few.

Fastest payback in the robot industry with Robotturn

 It is necessary to utilize a machine’s capacity to the fullest. Achieving more spindle hours and reducing the production and labour cost, makes Robotturn® pay for itself more quickly. After all, our Robotturn can be used also unmanned outside of normal working hours. Robotturn® gives you all the advantages of advanced robotic automation, fully integrated in a leading CNC lathe, with none of the traditional added costs associated with robot programming, set-up, and dedicated, shielded work cells. Finally, robotic automation is affordable for small and medium sized enterprises.


Your qualified operators are better utilized with Robotturn

Operators are qualified to set up and program CNC machines. Most of the time, however, they are engaged in tedious and repetitive work. Our Robotturn takes over this repetitive work, allowing your qualified operators to focus on work preparation, testing, configuring other machines, and creating CNC programs. The content of their job, therefore, becomes more appealing and the operators become more efficient. The CNC loading robot on our Robotturn becomes a friend. Employees no longer see the loading robot as a threat. He makes their job more interesting and attractive.


Greater safety with Robotturn

Robotturn® increases workplace safety. Workers are moved to supervisory roles where they no longer must perform dangerous applications in hazardous settings.  Complete enclosed structure keeps the operator out of harm’s way. Using a robot for repetitive tasks means fewer risks of injury for workers. In plus our Robotturn offers Improves safety by reducing human exposure to fumes, splatter, and chips.

Robotturn is GREEN and saves energy

In a world where the importance of green manufacturing is growing, robots save on utilities since they don’t require climate control, heating or lighting, and they create cleaner spaces. Robots can be programmed to operate 24/7 in lights-out, heat off situations for continuous production with no lost time! Generating shorter takt times at optimal conditions helps to finish the production faster with optimal reduced energy consumption. Also, our Robotturn is so accurate that the amount of raw material used can be reduced, decreasing costs of waste.

Robotturn Creates jobs

Our Robotturn® does not eliminate manufacturing jobs. When your company can’t compete, jobs are sent offshore. Implementing robots in manufacturing help to create jobs by restoring more manufacturing work. By now, many repetitive motions in our manufacturing have been pushed off to countries with lower labour costs. Using robots to complete those operations keeps manufacturers here, leading to more jobs.