Permanent electro magnetic chucks for milling, turning, grinding, edm.

How does an electro magnetic permanent chuck works?

The electric magnetic permanent chuck (electromagnetic permanent chuck) is a new type magnetic chuck using electric pulse for "switch On and switch Off" holding force.

It results in an endless permanent magnetic force, so it’s safe and reliable for the magnetic chuck to hold work pieces.
The "On/Off" switching can be done within one second, which will ensure little electric pules power consumption and non-heat-deformation of the chuck.
These magnetic chucks have no sliding parts as ordinary permanent chuck, which results in a stable, firm and high-precision structure.



High quality construction

High energy savings: only 2 sec activation for days of clamping.

Rigid Single piece steel body frame

Dual layer high performance Magnets

Each magnetic pole is surrounded by permanent magnets. Magnets wound with a coil of wire that carries an electric current are embedded in the lower parts of each magnetic pole. These coiled magnets can reverse the magnetization directions of the magnetic poles. The magnetization directions can be changed within seconds using the current directions of the wire coil. Consequently, magnetic fields are formed around the magnets, which enable the chuck to clamp workpieces. Conversely, the magnetization directions of the magnetic poles can be internally offset by those of the permanent magnets. This consequently eliminates the magnetic fields around the magnets, thereby demagnetizing the machine tool.


Simple control system

2 seconds to activate or deactivate magnetism

2 Second for activation 100% magnetisme with full clamping force

2 seconds deactivation of magnetism : lifting off parts with zero force

Magnetic workholding modules for milling