Boosting your profit!

The Robotturn® Challenge

Your market in the metalworking industry has changed significantly in recent years


Your customers are more demanding than even before. They expect you to supply at cheaper prices, but they also demand smaller series and faster delivery times. At the same time, you must deal with rising labour costs, more competitors and a lack of CNC operators. To counter this difficult market evolution Robotturn® offers you an affordable high effective solution : “flexy cell”.



Robotturn X-Series

Robotturn Flexy-cell


Our new generation compact turning machines incorporate a wide range of enhancements that make Robottturn® lathes better than ever. Our engineers reviewed and improved all aspects including motion control, integration of automation systems for material handling, coolant containment, chip evacuation, ergonomics, and serviceability – to create the highest quality, most reliable machine tools available.

  • High Performance combined with compact design
  • High flexibility: bar and chuck work
  • Option for automation peripherals and software designs to meet any need.
  • By keeping all the things simple, we can control our cost better than whoever.

Robotturn machines offer one-source integrated automatic turning.

Each machine is factory automated to deliver the highest accuracy and repeatability while minimizing set-up time. This allows Robotturn to provide compact solutions with the greatest efficiency today and the flexibility needed for the jobs of tomorrow.

Robotturn Flexy-cell

3 ranges of automated production Cells!


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Robotturn SwissTek -Series


It has never been easier and more affordable to own and run a quality CNC Swiss turn lathe

The Swisstek Series is the latest addition to the Robotturn Machines, with flexibility to work with or without guide bushing. This model has full "C" axis on the Main/Sub Spindles with a variety of live tooling for main and back work. The flexibility of the Swisstek-Series machines offer performance that meets a variety of manufacturing needs throughout various industries.

The Swisstek brings an impressive versatility to CNC Sliding Headstock machining. With a selection of tool posts and cartridge type units available, this outstanding early entry sliding head lathe can perform numerous machining operations. The variation of tooling layouts really do make this an ideal machine for the modern Sub Contract Manufacturer.

The flexibility of the Swisstek Series is further enhanced by its ability to switch between Guide Bush Mode (Swiss type) and Non Guide Bush Mode. The fully independent sub spindle with driven tool capability further enhances this 12/20/26mm machine by increasing the amount of overlapped operations.

Only the best brands in CNC controllers

As a CNC controller is the heart of a production machine, reliability is the most important factor today. Robotturn® selected the 3 most reliable suppliers on the market today to serve our robotized turning cells. Fanuc and Siemens as the most sold controllers in the world and Syntec as the best value in the market, fully stuffed with all the thinkable options. Our Standard machines are equipped with the high speed Syntec TA controller with 500/1000 block ahead reading function, all turning cycles, high speed computing, graphical interface, mechatrolink® serial bus, etc. Syntec, based on long term OEM production for major Japanese CNC makers, offers a reliable high quality and a great value for money CNC package, including many more options than any other maker for which you must not pay extra.

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