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Skiving Machine for Heat-Sink Fin Production

Fin skiving Machine for high performance heat sink production

Heat sink Fin Skiving Machine

Skiving thin Fins for super efficient heat dissipation on heat sinks

Today, skived heat sinks are breaking through the limitation of the thickness and length ratio of conventional heat sinks and our machines can produce high density and very high efficient heat sinks.  Super high and extreme thin fins and extra-long heat sink structure can be produced by our dedicated skiving machines using high skiving precision cutting technology.  Fin Skiving machines use a single block of material such as copper or aluminum and cut out fins with high density. The fins and the base is “one piece”. So skived fin heat sink efficiency is till two times higher than traditional heat sink.  Thermal conductivity efficiency can reach 100% of the profile material. Skived heat sink widely used in photovoltaic industry, electric vehicles, inverters, communication products, led light in green house and so on.

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Production of skiving heatsink

Production of skiving heatsink

Skiving heatsink: When passing through the machine, slabs are skived in a specific angle so as to form and bend the fins. With the repetitive cutting, it forms consistent gaps and structures and can be used for cooling high-power devices under air-cooled conditions. This process can enhance 8~15% of the cooling capacity as compared to the stitched fin process. Leading the heat dissipation with innovation high density ,high performance, high aspect ratio, excellent performance.

Skived Heat Sink Benefits/Features

  1. Skived heatsink can be an alternative to extruded heat sink when looking for a fin density which can NOT be achieved by extrusion technology.
  2. Skived heatsink fabrication does not need expensive tooling which provides greater design flexibility. Instead, each fin is cut separately using the same tool which allows for lower tooling costs.
  3. Skiving heat sink can be made of copper and aluminum, enables solid copper solutions.The skiving process is a good thermal solution for high power cooling.
  4. Skived heat sink leading the heat innovation innovation high density ,high thermal performance, high aspect ratio, excellent performance. 
  5. Skived heat sink without interface joint between the fins and base, improved thermal performance than traditional heat sink.
  6. Integrated manufacturing, no welding and mold opening; 
  7. The thickness and spacing of fin can be made thinner and denser; 
  8. The thermal conductivity is superior to the traditional extrusion and bonded fin process.