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Excellent quality products with reasonable prices have been increasingly welcomed by worldwide buyers. In recent years, NOVICK has made breakthroughs in technology and machine quality. Rigorous quality control is thoroughly conducted throughout the entire manufacturing processes from warehousing, machining, assembling to quality control. In addition, utmost attention has been paid to every detail at each step during the manufacturing process. NOVICK EDMs have been sold to over 40 countries in the world, and exports to developed countries such as Europe and America are also increasing gradually. With an aim to present excellence, we constantly conduct problem analysis in detail, conclusion and arrangement and execution adjustment.


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With the rapid development of automation equipment, high demand of products' precision and extensive usage of difficult-to-cut materials in machining, tools broken into work pieces has heavily affected the defective rate of products. The common methods of removing broken taps and drills are smashing items by hand, screwing them out after welding, or even acid corrosion and flame cutting, which contribute to low efficiency and damage to work pieces.

The new PROFIMACH MAX Series of portable EDM tap burner is based on the technique of electro erosion. It can quickly remove broken taps, drills, screws, etc., without damaging the work piece. It is also portable so it can be taken into the field wherever 220V power is available. Or, it can be setup on a stand like on an old milling machine if you want to support the work-piece for tap removal.

It can remove a broken tap or bolt by cutting out the center core with a round or blade type electrode, or, you can burn a slot or hex shape into the base of the bolt and then use a screw driver or hex wrench to back the broken bolt out of the work-piece.

Portable EDM machines uses a magnetic base and a cross stand to support the head, it can be placed at any position. It can be placed on any size of work-pieces. 

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